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    University of Central Arkansas

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    Greg Holland, PhD


    Greg has designed, developed, and administered many aspects of the ARC statewide longitudinal data system for data research since joining the organization in 2009. Greg became Director of ARC in July 2016. Prior to ARC, Greg spent over twelve years in data development, quality, analysis, and administration for corporations in Arkansas. Because of Greg’s background in the computer sciences and his experience with state agencies, he directs ARC from both the software and service sides.

    Sarah Argue, PhD

    Deputy Director

    Sarah serves as ARC’s Early Childhood Education specialist, working closely with the Department of Human Services Division of Child Care and Early Childcare Education. As a classroom teacher, Sarah saw first-hand the importance of early learning and providing a solid academic foundation for students. She uses her teaching experience and use of data driven decision making to develop research questions that will provide useful information to early childhood teachers as they strengthen and expand their instruction.

    Jake Walker, PhD

    Projects Director

    Jake serves as the liaison between DWS and DWE and ARC. In addition to working with DWS and DWE, Jake works with other stakeholders in the SLDS that have programs funded or run through DWS or DWE. He is responsible for developing research methodologies as well as the statistical analyses to use in research studies that ARC conducts. Jake also provides onsite knowledge of many of the programs participating in the SLDS through his varied academic and work experiences.

    Ellie Wheeler Hill, MA Economics

    EDI Project Director

    Ellie serves as the project director for the Early Development Instrument (EDI) Project. Authorized by DHS to coordinate with UCLA in California, the Arkansas project will be the first state-wide implementation of the EDI process in the nation. Ellie joined ARC in 2021, bringing experience as senior policy analyst and in prior data analysis roles to lead the EDI efforts for the state.

    Matt Jeffery

    Senior Software Developer

    As ARC’s senior software developer, Matt is responsible for application development of tools like KIM and TIM and web sites like and He is also responsible for DevOps, system administration, and security for all of ARC's technical assets.

    Former Team Members

    Nathan Gray

    Software Development Team Leader

    Nathan works to create and maintain various web applications for collecting data, monitoring the status and activities, and reporting on outcomes of various programs. As a full stack developer and general technology enthusiast, he also assists with many other various, technical tasks at ARC.

    Software Development Team

    Former members of the ARC team

    Greg Lindstrom

    Matthew Martens

    Binqi Sun