ABC/ Qualls Early Learning Inventory Outcomes Report 2012

All students entering public school in Arkansas take the Qualls Early Learning Inventory (QELI), a questionnaire based on teacher observations to identify student development in six areas: general knowledge, oral communication, written language, math concepts, work habits, and attentive behavior. In the 2011-2012 school year, almost 10% more students receiving free lunch were scored ‘developed’ when entering kindergarten after participating in an ABC program than students who had noknown pre-school. This report includes students entering public school kindergarten that have been identified as participating in an ABC program prior to enrollment. The comparison group are students entering kindergarten, not found in the ABC data, whose parents have also not indicated any other pre-school program (ie Head Start, private pre-school, etc.) when enrolling them for kindergarten. For any group to be included, at least ten students must have participated. The three sections of the report include aggregated data for all students entering kindergarten in Arkansas from 2008 through 2012; data disaggregated by the school district in which the student enrolled; and finally data disaggregated by the ABC agency the student attended.

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